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                                                   Andrew Blain Baird


 This website has been constructed to introduce Andrew Blain Baird and to properly detail and honour his contribution to aviation, to Scotland and to the people and life of the Isle of Bute.  

The following are some of the sources of information regarding his historic flight

In 1910 Flight Magazine wrote:

Before the Flight

VISITORS to Rothesay for the Highland games were much interested in a new monoplane, entirely built in Scotland, and exhibited on the sports ground. As a result of a visit to the Blackpool meeting last year, Mr. A. B. Baird, a blacksmith of Rothesay, decided to commence the construction of a monoplane embodying certain features of the Bleriot, Antoinette, and Santos-Dumont types of machine. The construction was commenced in March last, and the machine is now ready for trial. It has a span of 29 ft., the total wing area is 180 sq. ft., and the weight 380 lbs. The tail is similar to that on the Demoiselle machines


After the FlightTrials with Monoplane at Rothesay.

LAST week the monoplane which has been built by Mr. A. B. Baird and Mr. E. B. Steven, at Rothesay, was taken out for trial at Ettrick Bay. With Mr. Baird acting as pilot, the monoplane made a trial, but exhibited a tendency to swerve to the left. On the elevator being operated the machine rose in the air, but made a sudden turn to the right and fell, sustaining some slight damage.






Some Additional References:

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Engine photgraphs provided by Glasgow Museum of Transport


More about Andrew Baird's son - Andrew Blain Baird II


Excerpted from – “STRAIGHT TALKING - Angus Housing Association – August 2009”

Andrew Baird Approaching his 90th Birthday

Andrew is approaching his 90th Birthday, which he will celebrate in October this year and has packed a lot into those years. He was born and bred in Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, went to both primary and secondary school in the town and on leaving education joined his father’s blacksmith business in the town. He served his apprenticeship as a blacksmith/welder and during this time, joined the Territorial Army. When the Second World War started in 1939, he was one of the first to be called up and joined the Royal Artillery, before going on to serve in the Royal Army Service Corps. He saw service in North Africa, Burma, Italy, and Austria before, at the end of the war, being posted to Inverness and then Edinburgh, where he was de-mobbed. He returned to his father’s business in Rothesay, until it unfortunately had to close. He married his first wife Anna in the early part of 1948 and his son Andrew was born towards the end of that year. He moved to England in the search for work for a couple of years but his wife did not want to move, so he left and found employment with an Arbroath firm called Shanks, who were lawnmower and agricultural machinery manufacturers. He then moved to Gilman Fraser, an engineering company but was made redundant after a relatively short time. However, he eventually found security and permanent work with Williamson Engineering where he stayed until he retired. Regrettably, Andrew lost Anna in 1969 due to a heart condition but remarried in 1979. Unfortunately, his second wife also passed away after nine happy years together.  Andrew’s son, Andrew Blain Baird III, also lives in Arbroath and he goes to see him once a week and has a meal. “I have not really thought about how I will celebrate my 90th birthday and don’t have any plans yet,” said Andrew.