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2nd Annual Baird of Bute Festival - Saturday September 24th, 2011

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Such was the success of the 2010 Centenary Baird of Bute Celebrations that, by popular demand, Baird of Bute is, as of 2011, an annual event on the calendars of Bute and the Scottish aviation community 

The 2011 Baird of Bute Festival took place on Saturday the 24th in glorious sunshine at three locations around Bute:


Baird Airstrip in the morning

Ettrick Bay in the afternoon

Mount Stuart in late afternoon and evening


Baird Airstrip  


Excitement rises among the gathered hundreds as the first planes appear from over the trees 

  The 20+ pilots begin to land and gather from all over Scotland and Ireland

Parked for view after the impressive Parade of Planes 


 Ultra-lights and fixed wing


 The hundreds of visitors enter the Airstrip to see the craft and meet their pilots.

Trying the seat


Ettrick Bay   


 Royal Navy Sea King arrives from Gannett SAR Prestwick

 Beginning "rescue" of RNLI crew from Tighnabruich

Waving Goodbye to hundreds of delighted visitors on the Beach are pilots Capt. Jack Frost (RM)

and Lt. Willow Wielopolski (RN),  Navigator Lt. Richie Lightfoot and Paramedic CPO Jason Bibby


Grandson Andrew Baird III with Organizer and Chairman of Baird Society Chris Markwell

and MSP and Cabinet Secretary for Education Mike Russell prepare for ceremony and Fly Over 

 Speeches and wreath laying begin on the 60th anniversary of the death of Andrew Baird

at the Baird Centenary Monument overlooking the Beach


Bute Councillor Robert MacIntyre speaks while Argyll and Bute MSP Mike Russell looks on 

The 2010 Baird Fly-in Centenary trophy with engraved names and craft of participating pilots 


Kite Flying at the Beach for kids and adults alike 

The Fly-over from Baird Airstrip begins as pilots respectfully exit Bute

over the beach where Andrew Baird made his historic flight on September 17th 1910


 Mount Stuart


 The crowds begin to gather on the lawn of Mount Stuart House


Fun and Games for the whole family. Free gliders!!


Edinburgh University hot air balloon rises majestically over the lawn

 Bute's three Schools Baird Essay and Art  Contest winners take the ride of a lifetime


 Scotland's own Jim McTaggart arrives over Mount Stuart for his aerobatics display


Onward and upward


I can't watch. Was that supposed to happen?

 The breathtaking Mount Stuart Marble Hall scene of the Baird of Bute Ceilidh

Dancing to end a magnificent day to the Bute Ceilidh Band


Thank you to Zak for his excellent photography


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